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House rules

  1. Smoking and any kind of open fire is strictly prohibited throughout the hostel.
  2. For safety and hygienic reasons, the preparation of hot food and drinks in rooms is not permitted.
  3. In consideration of bedtime, use of the showers in the night hours (22: 00-6: 00) should be avoided as far as possible. Noise is to be avoided. In the period from 22: 00-6: 00 the right of every resident and the resident to sleep is to be respected. It is expressly pointed out that against noise pollution in the interest of all hostel residents measures against the causer can be made up to the termination of the accommodation contract.
  4. The accommodation of non-residents is strictly forbidden.
  5. For the duration of the stay is to ensure safekeeping and security of their own belongings. Amstel House GmbH accepts no liability for items not given to the reception for safekeeping.
  6. Keeping and bringing animals into the hostel is not allowed, except for guide dogs etc.
  1. 7. The fire prevention regulations must be observed. Damage or disturbances please inform the      hostel immediately! Please inform yourself about the location of the escape routes.
  1. The bringing in and consumption of alcohol and in the hostel is generally prohibited to the residents and their visitors. The hostel management reserves the right to confiscate alcohol and other drugs stored in the rooms for the duration of the stay.
  2. The use of drugs or alcohol on the guestrooms / floors is not permitted.
  3. Weapons of any kind may not be brought into the hostel.
  4. The own pursuit of economic purposes within our house is not permitted.
  5. The hostel exercise the house right! In urgent cases, the hostel permits to enter the rooms to exercise the house right to arrange what is necessary. In the event of disturbance of the house peace or violation of the house rules, the hostel is authorized to take appropriate measures to restore order. Hostel referrals may be issued after repeated warning or gross violations of the house peace.
  6. Who by cigarette smoke or other handling of fire or smoke, triggers negligently the fire alarm system (smoke detectors on the ceiling) or operated abusive hand-held detector, has to pay the full cost of the automatic fire service use.
  7. Group escorts serve as role models and should behave accordingly with regard to smoking and alcohol.
  8. The operation of radios is not desired in the house. Radios, speakers, CD players, etc. can be collected by the hostel at any time as a precaution until departure.
  9. The central living areas and hallways of the hostel can be monitored for security reasons.
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